Acrylic Paintings from Garko of Virginia Beach in March 2021

a friend of mine who i hung out with in Santa Monica around 2005 is still connected with me on Facebook even though she has taken to globetrotting to places like the Maldives. She posted a photo which I rendered in the painting above. She purchased the painting and had me send it to her mom.

This was how it looked before I added her in.

This dude above is who ended up on my canvas after I was impressed by a dark shadowy portrait I saw at Chrysler Museum in Norfolk VA

Originally this windy tropical scene was one of my first paintings but was not as complete or fully realized as I thought it was. Now it is.

Above is “Tree Party”

Another revision of a painting, this from 2019 originally. Photo is blurry, not painting.

Finally painting my lovely feline friend of 10 years plus, Phantom, for the first time.

Some new techniques resulting in really strong texture and integration of colors.

Another revision.

“Painted Desert”

Home Sweet Home

This, above, was the painting at the top of the page with some digital modifications.


  “MY Brush!!!!”

The photo of Phantom which inspired my painting above.

This cat has royal blood. Here Rocky is showing that nobility off.

Someone commented to me that he looks human here. I felt so relieved that it isn’t just me that knows he is not a cat lol