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Belly Dancer – Acrylic Painting by Garko For Sale

Started with a movie I was watching. Woman walked by the camera showing only her torso and some background. I thought it was terrible directing but an interesting image geometrically and when I started outlining I realized it could be a belly dancer. I shared with a childhood friend now a Facebook friend who is known as a belly dancer in the NYC area. She loved it so I knew I had something good here. She asked who my inspiration was and I started saying Bob Ross, Van Gogh, etc. Then I realized she meant who is my inspiration as regards belly dancing. I am 6′ and 260 lbs. I don’t have one. So that was the end of that conversation! This can definitely be a great decoration in the right environment or most any environment but not every environment.

Source: Daily Paintworks – Gary Konigsberg

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