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Garko Acrylic Paintings On Canvas Oct 2020

My paintings for October 2020 All are 11 X 14 unless noted It’s like a funeral and stuff. Two men carrying crosses for some reason, a gal leaning over patting the ground, maybe a horse. See what thou wilst.

Colors in this Autumn scene are a tad brighter in the actual painting…

Volatile Skies

“Take Me To Your Leader”

“Romance In The Moonlight” 16X20

Spyro Galaxy – 16 X 20

Not sure who she is. Nobody I know personally, unfortunately.

Creature From The Black Lagoon (on an episode of the Munsters he was “Uncle Gilbert”) Dark Angel Of The Mountain Here is my first painting of October so you have an idea of what is coming…. Waverly Hills Sanitorium KY formerly a hospital for tuberculosis patients. Now a haunted house tourist site