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My Etsy Store

This was the coolest thing that happened with regards my art this month….

As you can see that is 628 likes. All told spread out amongst about 25 different Facebook art related groups I had over 5000 likes. So, semi-viral. Pretty cool.
This was the second painting that I did for this lady…

And this is the third. I can’t get a good photo of it. The actual painting is much more integrated color-wise.

Also I fixed her mouth so she doesn’t look like she has been using this guy’s cosmetic products….

This was one of my first works. Some kind of pastel medium. Facebook was nice enough to remind me about it lol

View From The Hood….

Working The Graveyard Shift

Discovered something amazing here…. you can have a painting that seems not quite right…. try turning it upside down! Ta Da!

Lots of orange in my work this month. This is some kind of combination of colored pencils, pastel and other mediums…

This one is Follow The Sun or Snow Trek. The actual painting is a tad brighter.

I did some digital manipulation with that one and here are two versions…

Embedded In The Autumn Trees By The Lake

Orange Vistas

More. Nice crunchy texture on this one. Two different stages of this…

A Third version of the same painting after I realized there was a ghost or some dude sitting in the bottom right hand corner. Ghost Of Orange Lake

The King 1968


Some more playing with other mediums. This is acrylic paint marketers…

Goth Girl

Abstract Flower

Texture Forest

Desert Storm


I also get lucky with some remarkable photos besides my painting. I have hundreds of them. Many will be going up on the Etsy store. Here are a few examples. It was a remarkable foggy day at Virginia Beach on most of these shots…