May 29, 2024

I shave once/week. Why only?

So that when I go to Messianic Temple on Saturday morning I may look this Jewish….


and then I shave on Saturday evening for church on Sunday. Am I two-faced? Leading a double life?
Nope just taking advantage of every opportunity to worship the Lord. Included in this is 4 nights/week
I am singing of Jesus to the unchurched at the clubs around town.

15 February playing at Ballyhoos in Virginia Beach

No art galleries this month. I feel a visceral aversion to painting right now. As I am not sure of that which is causing it I therefore do not know when it might change or lift from me but my guess is that it will and when it does I think it will be something different than what I have been doing.
Meanwhile 1: Building my Etsy Store
Meanwhile 2: I am keeping focused on my studies and my own unique brand of musical evangelism.

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Meanwhile 3:  I continue to grow in my faith. This was probably the biggest eye opener of the month for me and I saw it just this very morning.
Did you know that ALL of the founders of modern science and the practice and methodology come from Christian theology, God’s Word in the Bible and the approach to the universe which began in the monasteries and basically from this foundational hypothesis:
A. the universe and all in it follows laws and can be understood.
B. we, as existing in God’s image, can understand those laws and the universe
C. it is good to endeavor to do so as it moves us closer to understanding of God.

Meanwhile, while my life continues to be complicated by my own quirky and mysterious nature. Yes there were 12 rings that had accumulated on my keychain. (see Exhibit A and A’ below),











and life continues to be filled with wonder (exhibits b,c,d,e,f)
He’s special!
She’s Intense (Always lol)
Always Vigilant lol

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