April 18, 2024

Acrylic Paintings of Garko Artco of Virginia Beach Sept 2022

lots of images of Rocky who is rapidly becoming a lap cat 🙂


Saturday morning, after vestiges of Ian passed through, there was significant riptide but especially since the actual force of the tide coming in to shore was still quite strong. There was sand on the boardwalk. It was pretty remarkable, as was the fact that surfers jumped on with their boards. There were some boards split into two pieces. There were many cops and cop cars that collected on the boardwalk along with cops carrying red surf boards with “RESCUE” painted on them in white and also as I was leaving I could see there were people in the water out beyond the jetty near the buoys and it seems that was the rescue effort was for them. It definitely appeared they went out too far and had no safe way to enter into the riptide to come back to shore.