May 29, 2024

Acrylic Paintings of Garko Artco October 2021

New Orleans Collage Kinda
painting from a few months back someone asked me to do a painting about NOLA. tweaked and finished it this month.
Lighthouse. This in different medium with markers. Some acrylic paint in the base foundation. I will do more of this.
Dolphin. See? Not much happier or cooler than dolphins
Ghosts Of The West. See the shadow people?
Updated Woodsy House Scape given a whole new feel and palette.
For X-Files Fans Only
Sea and Mountain Scape
The Starry Night Vincent Visited Me. I might build a whole series of paintings with this kind of stylizing and texture for shows like the Virginia Beach boardwalk art show and such.

photos from October. Rocky was the star!

I told them to go watch Midnight Mass on Netflix